counting the days to wednesday

ok, so the suitcase is packed (and will be repacked numerous times yet). thank you ottawa for many memories (some of which are better than others). heading out for the start of the adventure on january 9th. halifax-atlanta-buenos aires-london-stockholm-barcelona-yet to be determined! stories await…hasta luego


7 thoughts on “counting the days to wednesday

  1. Yahooo!! Wish I could jump into your suitcase and tag along. What fun that would be. Safe travels! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

    • hey Mandy! I definitely want to meet any friend of Terry’s, especially in Marrakech. I’m thinking of flying down from Madrid in early June (dates to be confirmed). are you around then? i’m going to be looking for some modest accommodation, so if there’s anything you’d recommend, i’d love to hear about it. also, here’s my email, so we can correspond separately from blogs. i’m enjoying checking out your adventures, and look forward to meeting up.

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