next stop, Atlanta!

so, i made it out of the wilds of Nova Scotia. i’m back online, thankfully, and getting ready to head to Atlanta at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. it was good to see friends in NS, and as always, visits with my father have a Beckettian flavour. I have a burning question for anyone who can answer it: why do television evangelists all SHOUT? 


4 thoughts on “next stop, Atlanta!

  1. They shout because God, she has put ear plugs in when she sees that the church show is starting. Then she can watch with a beautific smile, bless them all, love them all and still can the play by play of the Sens agains the Leafs.

  2. They are trying to be heard over the cacophony of crazy, and have not yet realised that ALL OF THOSE VOICES ARE IN THEIR OWN HEAD and a normal speaking volume would suffice for the rest of us (even if we didn’t want to drown ’em out!)

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