Exploring Georgia

well, now that it’s not raining like the end of the world, I got to wander about Athens today. it’s like a lot of college towns, with some picturesque small-town features and a lot of pubs. strange combo, but it works for the folks here. my buddy Chris tells me that Georgia drivers are crazy, and he just might be right. however, the folks i’ve run into (not literally) so far have been very pleasant. we ventured out long enough yesterday to make a run to Waffle House. now that’s an experience! my first picture is of our lunch/breakfast. Jen W approved, so i’m happy with that. Terry, i’m afraid there is less than nothing you could eat in there. i loved it! 




so today, with the sun out, i took a ramble through a lovely park and wandered through the downtown. found a great coffee roastery on my way. must take a pic of the place tomorrow.  i’m still working on downsizing what i’m carrying with me. and for that reason i did not buy shoes today. well done, i’d say. as i get more accustomed to blogging i’m going to try to make this more engaging, so bear with me for now. meantime, here are some images of today’s sauntering.ImageImageImage


i love this one; it’s in the middle of a river. Image


this is the view from Chris’s couch. i’m a fan of the afternoon nap.




Thea kitty and friend. 

besos y abrazos,




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