another Georgia morning (afternoon)

Well, the weather here has been really variable – yesterday was sunny and 14C, and today is hovering around 5C, with grey skies that hold the threat of icy rain. Georgia keeps changing, as if to see if i’m paying attention. god knows, i’m trying to be attentive and not miss the possibilities. karaoke last night was an interesting time. the locals take their karaoke seriously, with varying degrees of success.

other things i’ve found amusing: there are stores called ‘package stores’ that sell booze and cigarettes. hm. i can’t help wondering if they know the double meaning of ‘package’ in a queer context. probably not. here’ proof of their existence.Image

i’m not sure if colour has any significance to the ‘package’

then, we have this directive. seems a little harsh to me, especially in relation to the previous pic. thoughts?



well, i will go continue recovering from karaoke. keep warm y’all, especially my northern friends.



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