some last words from Georgia

well, it’s been a whirlwind of interesting times in Athens, Georgia. i’ve met some great folks, eaten some amazing food, seen a really fascinating talk/performance, and just generally enjoyed the vibe here. i’m off to Buenos Aires this afternoon, so here are some final shots of my experience of Athens. besos y’all.Image

Chris and I had an amazing meal at ‘Taste of India’, which i highly recommend.



Now, I saw this place on my arrival in Athens, and I have to admit the sign left me a bit gob-smacked. None of the good southern folks I met seemed to think it was, well, odd, so Chris and discussed the fact that a Canadian referring to a Jew would most probably be understood as a pejorative term. This was the first of my experiences of cultural difference. Then, we found this sign on a walk through Dudley Park…



So, I guess really, it’s all about balance. 

I spent part of my last day getting a sexy new haircut to be ready for the next adventure. If you’re in Athens and need some stylin’ magic, definitely visit Republic Salon. ( Carmen worked her magic. tada! 


The next pics are of my last night in Athens, hanging out with Chris and Adron. We drank (I had 2 espresso martinis!), discussed the state of performance, the current woes of academia, and just generally solved the problems of the Western world until 2 in the morning. 



This is the funkiest bar, called Manhattan’s. Well worth the visit, if you’re into really random, interesting visuals. It gets really crowded on the weekends (lots of students and frat kids trying to be cool), but this was a Tuesday, so it had a very chill vibe. Here’s more…








Bobby, the amazing bartender, was one of the karaoke regulars at Go Bar a few nights before. He has proved himself worthy in both contexts 🙂



…and gradually our conversation moved outside in the mild Georgia night. Thanks for the lovely times, Athens. 




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