Adios, BA!

It’s with very mixed feelings that I leave Buenos Aires tonight. My time here has produced so many experiences that I’m still processing (can’t quite turn off the academic brain). I have met amazing people from all over the world, and now have a whole new set of contacts. When I come back to BA I will immediately get in touch with the folks at TEGOBA. They were so warm and wonderful. And I will really miss my flatmates, Belinda and her sister Camila. I want updates from you, girls! And my host, Javier, has been so very helpful and considerate – especially when I was robbed and had no cash! He loaned me money to see me through for the last few days here. I was dumbfounded by his generosity. And now that I’ve been scammed and robbed, I feel like I’m truly a seasoned traveller :). The police were even very kind, although there is little expectation of ever seeing my ID again, but since there was no violence, replacing ID cards is just an annoyance. 

Undeterred after that incident, I decided to continue my explorations of BA, which did not disappoint. The best thing was the tango lesson I took with Laura and her partner Sergio. I cannot imagine two people more genuinely warm, and their knowledge of dance – not to mention their infinite patience with a beginner – turned a day of anger and frustration following the robbery, into a day I will remember with great fondness. I will miss them both. But I will come back here and study tango! This is my new mission. 

So, here are some final shots of my last days here. Enjoy.

My last night at the milonga. I’m going to have my membership to my tribe revoked…I’m not so secretly in love with the bass player.


Laura and Sergio explain the finer points of tango. 



I really like this ‘accidental’ photo Nicola took!



The following night when my new-found friends and I returned to the milonga for my final trip there, I actually was up dancing! And not just during the pre-evening dance lesson. My partner was a lovely young French boy who has come to BA specifically to study tango. We agree that Laura and Sergio are the best teachers anywhere. Tomas was very patient with my attempts to dance, and we had a lovely time. Perhaps we will meet again when I come back to study tango…



Well, off to London tonight to have more adventures and connect with friends. Does anybody know of a good tango bar in London?

Hasta luego! besos. 


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