UK fun times!

Ok, ok, I know; I’ve neglected this blog for a while. It happens when lots is going on! After leaving BA, I headed to the beautiful city of London, where I met the ever fabulous Erika Norrie. (Thanks Chris). Of course, London was much colder than Buenos Aires, but made much warmer by the welcome bestowed by Erika and her two flatmates, Pao and Tucho. 

How can you not love these two?



I did some of the typical tourist stuff while in London – how can you not, with so much to see? My favourite was doing the tour of the Globe Theatre. It is truly an incredible project. I want to go back when the season is on and actually see a production. 



…and it looks like I’ll get my chance! I’m heading back to London to stay with Erika and her furry side-kicks again in June. I’ve picked this particular time because the talented Erika, producer of Cabaret Roulette will be opening a new show then. So any of you in London should check out this very interesting company’s work, which can be found at their website, and of course, on Facebook. Lots to look forward to yet.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. In addition to meeting new friends, I had a chance to see old friends as well. No, Ross Mullan, I’m not calling you old! It was great to connect in his city for a change.



I’m hoping when I go back in June to see the talented Mr. Mullan on stage. 

Because I was indulging my inner tourist I took these two shots as dusk was falling in Trafalgar Square. I like the juxtaposition of Big Ben and Canada House. And I really like the light here.





Before leaving the UK, I had the great good fortune to meet up with friends Sue and Ray near Liverpool. I met Sue and Ray in Spain last year and they were every bit as much fun on the home turf as they were when we volunteered as Anglos at a retreat for Spaniards looking to improve their English. Sue took me on a lovely day trip up to Lake Windermere in the Lake District. I understand exactly where Wordsworth got his inspiration now.



Although it was a chilly day, and even had snow squalls, we kept warm during a lovely tramp around the lake.



Not to be outdone, Ray spent time giving me the tour of Liverpool, including the very interesting Titanic Exhibition.



…and the Glam Exhibition at the Tate Liverpool. It was wonderful, but a little disconcerting to see my adolescence on display in a museum.



We also spent a day in Chester, wandering the historic city and walking the Roman wall. The sun shone, it didn’t snow that day, and was really fun. 


This wonderful visit wound up with a trip to the seaside that culminated in, what else?, fish and chips! Before heading to the fish shop we stopped at Crosby Beach to see the sculptural installation of Antony Gormley. It’s an incredible work, made up of multiple casts of the artist’s body, weighted and installed at various points across a 2-mile stretch of the beach. All face the sea. As the tides move, the works take on the patina left by the elements in the sea. It’s quite startling and beautiful. IMG_1808
Thanks again you two. It was a lovely time discovering new things for me. I am looking forward to seeing you both in Spain soon! xx


8 thoughts on “UK fun times!

  1. Beautiful photography. Guess you like your camera – or is it a phone? In BA you looked ten years younger; now you look 20 years younger! Glad to get this; I was beginning to think I had erased janglewhatever.

  2. Hey there Jangle, So fun to hear from you and about all your adventures. I’m living vicariously! Spring is sprunging here and I hope to get out in the lovely weather today. I’m off to see Les Miz this evening and back to work tomorrow. I’m working on my Life Coaching stuff and things seem to be doing ok. Miss your silliness. Take care and stay groovy!

    • hey beautiful! nice to hear from you. glad you’re enjoying the blog. i’m still behind on it, but what the hell. i’ve been busy living! more to come…especially Barcelona; the city that owns my heart. i’m there now, so there will be lots of photos coming. i’ll try to keep it to a minimum so as not to overwhelm my faithful following :). also, glad to hear the Life Coaching stuff is going well. since i still don’t really know where all this wandering is leading (literally), my life may need some coaching in the nearish future. can’t think of anyone i’d trust with that more than your fine self. in the meantime, take good, good care. i miss you tons. and, given the day, feliz Pascua. hope the bunny brought you good chocolate. xx

  3. “a little disconcerting to see my adolescence on display in a museum” – hilarious! Seems as if you are traveling through time as well as space on this trip.

  4. Two comments. I saw a production of a Shakespeare at the Globe once, and it was the most… natural? production I’ve seen. The play felt at home.

    Second. What’s this “limited photos” of Barcelona stuff? As we’d be here if we had a choice.

    • hey Jeff, well the limited photos was a pipe-dream. more to come. oh, and i had lunch at 4Gats yesterday. they even made ensalada y hamburguesa elegant :).

      • Great to hear from you! I look like a real seafaring captain with that beard!
        Yes, travel day getting ever closer. One minute its ages away and then its right on top of you.
        We’re still on course for the 19th all being well. We’re only an hour and a half out of Madrid this time instead of the 4 hours last time, so we should be back around 5pm – 5.30pm I suppose
        You have my number, so we’ll see you then! Sounds like you are enjoying Barca!
        Lots of love
        Ray + Sue

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